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What is Teachers' Training?


Our Teachers Training Programme has its philosophy in equipping teachers with the right attitudes, skills and knowledge and help them grow in their career through a broader social development and lifestyle management. It is a process through which the school management intends to help teachers realize their higher purpose and make them role models for their students.

How We Go About

In our training programmes for teachers, we make sure that we do not impose any standard modules. We carry out a Needs Assessment for the institution by discussing these matters with the Principal, Senior Teachers, Counselor and Coordinator and understand the purpose of our training. The school management needs to clearly specify what change they wish to see after the training. Our training modules are designed, developed and delivered keeping in view the expected end results, and our focus will be to achieve the necessary behavioral changes in teachers so as to meet the school objectives.

Activity-related Learning

Our training modules are designed to help you enjoy, appreciate and learn at the same time. We make your training sessions lively by including self analysis tools, group dynamics, structured games, discussions, debates, exercises, role plays etc. Necessary audio and visual aids, handouts and evaluations are an integral part of all our training programmes.

Total Grooming

Teachers find our training programmes useful both from a professional and personal perspective. While our training will help every teacher to excel professionally, it will also focus on making them better human beings who can build a society with positive values. We also empower them psychologically by offering mind-empowerment tools. These tools come handy and assist teachers to meet the growing challenges they face in their profession.

A teacher who is happy is very effective and productive, while an unhappy teacher is ineffective and counterproductive. Our programs aim to improve self-esteem, positive thinking, confidence, ethical values and other positive attributes in your teachers and help them become happy and successful.

The Need

In present times, the school management and teachers face tough challenges when it comes to educating their wards. While teachers have to ensure good results for their children, they have a bigger role to play to cultivate good values in them. With challenges on the rise in many families, it has become all the more important for teachers to take the role of a friend and counselor.

Teachers' words have a magical effect on students. If teachers know the psychology to motivate their wards, they can bring about the best in every child. What parents cannot do to their child, teachers can do easily and effectively.